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New Locations to avail of The Bach Method Service in your community

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I am excited to announce the news that The Bach Method service has extended to communities in both Cork &Co. Limerick. New locations are Togher Community Association, Togher, Cork on Mondays and soon to come on board is Bridge Street Croom,Co Limerick. Health & Healing Mary Murray BFRP Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner at your service The Bach Method Tel: 0861560278

Forget The Physical Problem When Selecting Bach Flower Remedies

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So the first step is to forget about the physical problem. Instead think about how you feel emotionally, and about the sort of person you are. Similarly, when it comes to selecting Bach remedies you should ignore any physical symptoms. They are not relevant to which Bach remedies you need. The remedies work on a emotional level. If you need help with a physical problem you should consult a qualified medical advisor in addition to taking Bach remedies. "It is the person we treat, not the disease." Judy Ramsell Howard, The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step Mary Murray BFRP Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner The Bach Method Tel: 0861560278

Bach To School Time With Bach Flower Friends

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School can be a very traumatic period in your childs life. Stepping outside the family unit, it can create turmoil in their little minds. The introduction of new people, unfamiliar surroundings. Your childs playground has just gotten bigger and he or she must overcome emotions to survive. Threats from bigger children with stronger personalities on those younger and physically smaller children can be challenging. This environment can raise up unknown emotions, moods and feelings like fear, anxiety, jealousy, shyness, hatred, self-consciousness, and lack of confidence and so on. All need due understanding and help. Imagine if you possessed the remedy to help them deal with separation anxiety, trying to fit in, and cope with changes in their moods and feelings. Children will fall down many times. They will get cut, scratched& bruised. How they get themselves back up on their feet, dust themselves off and carry on playing, running, jumping, climbing is how they learn to understand in their world that stumbles happen and can for a short or long moment in time stop them in their tracks. It is a lesson to be learnt, while they play and nothing, we can do will prevent their ups and downs. Our part is to teach, wipe away tears, listen, reassure and nurture. Put them back together with sticky bandage and tape and send them back out into the world under a watchful eye, until eventually they run past you after being at the first aid box and getting the plaster themselves and bursting with bated breath to get back out to carry on where they left off in the game of life. Thats how and where Dr Bach Flower Remedies can help support depending on the emotional rescue/first aid is required. Some cuts, scratches, bruises are not physical only emotional bruising that are sometimes not seen. But they can be felt and depends how deep the cut goes, if left untreated it can stay with your child and become imbedded only to expose itself later, well after the event has happened. By triggering a negative reaction fear, anger, depression, anxiety, even a change in mood, or personality. As the saying goes whats your poison? Negative thoughts are a poison to the mind. Sticks and stones can break my bones, there are cures, plasters, aides for that. But words will never hurt me, it is the minds way of protecting itself from the unseen physical and emotional effects of negativity. Dr Bach 38 Remedies is our childrens natural rescue from emotional negativity associated with lifes ups and downs. They can bandage, repair, aide those negative feelings and thoughts. Bach Flower Remedies are 100% natural, simple, safe, and easy to use suitable for all the family. The knowledge of Dr Edward Bach 1886-1936 Bach Flower Remedies I share his passion to improve the overall balance and bring harmony for all children, to reach their full potential, with an emotional awareness and intelligence to a level of maturity that encourages hopefully parents, guardians and our children to be willing to be a part in their own healing process. Health & Healing Mary Murray BFRP www.The Bach Method 2019

What is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner BFRP

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A BFRP, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner is a graduate of level 3 course affiliated with the Bach Centre and can apply to join the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners, which validates the work of Bach practitioners in more than 60 countries. The Centre approves 4 levels of training. Level 1 covers the basics of the Bach system. Level 2 provides a deeper and more personal understanding. Level 3 is aimed at people who want to work with the Bach remedies in a professional practice, and is assessed by means of examination and course work including the preparation of written case histories. The 4th level, called BC-ACE ( Bach Centre approved Continuing Education) is a series of workshops led by practitioners that give post level 3 students access to specialist skills and knowledge that could be useful in their practice. The graduates of level 3 (BFRPs) are people from all walks of life who share a dedication to Dr Bach's ideals of simplicity and self-help. A Bach Foundation Registerd Practitioner BFRPs work under the Bach Centre's Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides asafe framework for practitioners and clients. Your Local Registerd Practitioner in Cork, Ireland is : Mary Murray BFRP, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. The Bach Method. Balance Emotional Wellness, Obtain Harmony,, email : [email protected], Tel : 0861560278 Health & Healing

Bach Flower Friends To Help You Mend

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Part one of my projects has been fulfilled the Bach Flower Friends to help you mend cards with illustrated characters for children with underlying negative emotions. Helping them learn to select from the Bach Flower Remedies. By their own participation to identify and understand negative feelings they enable a positive change to come about. Early intervention is key in my practice I am passionate about educating on understanding negative emotions that face any child in their world. The Bach Method, Mary Murray BFRP, Health & Healing

Cards & Letters recieved Thank You

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Sincere gratitude to you all for taking the time to write your kind words. Thank you for sharing your story with me . It was an honour to be part of your self-healing journey. Continue to put Dr Bach Remedies into practise in your life, you have the skills to positively move forward. Health & Healing Mary

Learn Dr Bach Flower Remedy Selection Basics Individual & Group Workshop

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Learn How to select Dr Bach Flower Remedies to Enable Positive Self-Healing and Empower yourself to Balance Emotional Wellness, Obtain Harmony, Conquer Fear, Overcome Anxiety. 100% natural, gluten free, with non-alcohol options to choose from, safe & easy to use Dr Bach Flower Essence is suitable for all the family. The Bach Method offer individual & group guided tuition from 50 - 75 euros to book appointment contact email: [email protected] phone : 0861560278 Health & Healing Mary Murray BFRP

Create A Positive Change

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Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results I suggest that keeping a journal is essential to understanding your emotions. If you write down everything you are thinking or feeling without censoring it. You can gain an insight into what is genuinely bothering you. Whether it is a known fear or an anxiety you cannot name. With this process of de-layering it enables you to select the Bach flower essence relevant to that negative emotion. Enlightening you to health & healing. I wish to share with you this new site where the message of self journaling is repeated and is fun for children. A journal for kids aged 6-12 to promote happiness, develop positive habits and nurture enquiring minds. Mary Murray BFRP The Bach Method

Research Dr Bachs Writings

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Research and reading on the remedies: Free downloads of Dr Bach???s writings etc. in various languages can be found at There are links to research articles at

How Bach Flower Remedy Can Help to Overcome Exam Pressure

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Overcome Anxiety and Conquer your exams with Confidence Never Fear Bach is Here. Exams can be stressful they can determine crucial next steps in a students academic career. Bach flower remedies can take away the stress and frustration out of exams preparation with its unique holistic approach to further a students educational success and can support every step of the way. Its nearly exam time, which in a students life can mean its time for them to be inside studying for secondary school or university exams while the sun shines on everybody else. This can be such a stressful time of year for all students. Its so easy not to look after yourself when you are frantically studying and revising, Bach flower remedies are brilliant for supporting you through all those stressful feelings as you battle through to the end. There are remedies that help you with states of worry or fear, or even extreme panic. The list on the list below is a highlight of the negative emotions, that I hope might help anyone struggling through the next few weeks to identify with that symptom of stress or anxiety associated with exams. Exam Stress: Signs of Emotional Negativity All students if they are honest will admit that finding their mind ends up with thoughts whirring round and round, particularly at night causing sleep problems before exams. When you feel you are the kind of person who might want to drink too much or take drugs when you are under stress in order to dull the feelings and escape. You are someone who lacks confidence in their own judgement or perhaps even distrusts their own convictions/abilities. In an exam if you are doubting your knowledge even though you know you have studied enough for it. If you find yourself seeking too much advice and confirmation from others. Should you be the person who gets severe exam panic! If you suddenly feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all. Should you feel like you have no self- confidence. Feel you are plodding on from overwork and tiredness under great strain Are you being over-conscientious with your studying? Usually, never content with your achievements and over work themselves. A student that is tense, hyper-anxiety if you are pushing yourself too hard and causing yourself stress headaches. Bach to the Rescue Remain calm and relax during the exams. Avoid losing courage when an exam did not go well. Keep believing in your own capability. Stop worrying and being anxious. Get rid of your irritations during exams. Gain strength and courage. Restore confidence and concentration. Get clarity of mind and calm the nerves. You got this, you put in the work. Feel the excitement building in your heart. That is a sign you are on the right path. This is the right choice for you. BELIEVE!! I wish you all the best of luck, remember to take a break to breath and relax. As Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in Cork. I am offering free consultations (worth 35euros) to students. If a Bach remedy resonates with you. I can make up a unique blend of Bach remedies individual to your needs at a cost of 10euros only. Mary Murray BFRP 086 15602478 Copyright Mary Murray BFRP The Bach Method 2019