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Customer Testimonials

For a few months now I have been taking the Bach remedies with Marys guidance and shortly after taking the first remedy she provided I noticed an immediate positive change. Mary has been very understanding and patient during consultations which helped to put me at ease. It is obvious that she has a passion to guide others in their path to self healing. I would be more than happy to recommend The Bach Method

(Jessica H.) 

I have been using the Bach Remedies for the past 2 months. I have seen positive improvements in my life from using the Bach Remedies under the guidance of Mary who has great experience and fantastic knowledge.

She made me feel really comfortable and at ease during our consultation. I would highly recommend the Bach Remedies with Mary's guidance.


I have only started using The Bach Method, and I have definitely seen an improvement. I was under a lot of stress to meet project deadlines and exams, and the Bach method helped eliminate the excess stress and help me focus on meeting the deadlines. I would highly recommend the Bach method to anyone and Mary was the nicest person to work with and has helped me no-end.

(Aaron R)

Mary, Thank you for all the help and positive direction over the past few months. Your knowledge of remedies and positive encouragement has helped so many of my clients to reach their goals. With your help they may now continue on their path with more confidence and hope for the future With your easy nature you have made it possible for even my youngest and more vulnerable clients to get back to balance and find their inner child. For anyone seeking inner peace,look no further than Mary at The Bach Method

( A. Pope) 

Sincere gratitude to you all for taking the time to write your kind words. Thank you for sharing your story with me . It was an honour to be part of your self-healing journey. Continue to put Dr Bach Remedies into practise in your life, you have the skills to positively move forward.

Health & Healing

Mary Murray BFRP

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